Monday, June 8, 2015

Best ride ever - another one

THIS is what bike touring should be.

With friends Kathy and Patricia doing the thinking for me (ie, reading the clue sheet and making sure I turn at the right places) I was able to really enjoy the ride today.  Fifty miles along the coast (mostly), through small towns and on quiet (mostly), relatively flat (mostly) roads. So much to see, so many photo opportunities, so many places to stop for coffee and/or other treats - lobster, anyone?

Our only SAG stop was at the Nebble lighthouse, in MAINE!!! It doesn't seem possible that such a short time ago we were heading out along a beach in Florida, but here we are.  Lovely motel tonight and tomorrow we will be in Freeport, home of LL Bean and our last rest day.

Leaving Hampton - overcast and chilly

Drawbridge in New Hampshire

Rhododendrons in Maine

                                                         Nebble lighthouse

Stone church at the top of one of those pesky "terrain features"

Old train station in a "museum" of old structures, it was being renovated so we couldn't get very close

What a GREAT place to ride!

Winding down

We are now in the final week of our tour, the days left are few.  Lots of mixed emotions but most of us are ready to be back in our "normal" lives.

We are in New Hampshire now, Hampton to be exact, in another quaint beach hotel one block from the ocean.  This is only the second time we have had ocean and sunshine on the same day........but it's coooold. Computer says 62F, fingers say more like 52F.

New England countryside is as pretty as the pictures and I would love to come back to the area when I can spend more time exploring.