Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun On a Bike

Yesterday I spent time at Ladies First - a women's health fair put on by the local hospital with participation by a variety of businesses and health services.  I was there to promote our Fun On a Bike program.

This program is not a bike club or even a very organized group, it is just a few people who love cycling trying to get other folks to drag their bikes out of their sheds and garages and get them moving again.  Each meeting will include a fun ride on the bike path and some kind of presentation on things that most people have to learn by trial and error - how to inflate your tires, how to check your brakes, how to shift gears and when, the benfits of cleaning your bike every once in a that.  I am hoping to make it fun so more people will come.

Last night I enlisted the help of others and we had 7 bikes of various types (two on trainers so people could try it out), a display of helmets and some flyers promoting the program.  Sally Stasney and Shirley Smith, fellow members of the local bike club participated by talking to folks that came by and telling them about the various bikes and about how much FUN we have riding them.

It was a great evening for people watching too, but it made me sad to see so many unhealthy looking people.  I estimate 2/3 to 3/4 of the people there (including me) were overweight, many were morbidly obese.  Especially disturbing was seeing so many obese children.  

We must do SOMEthing to help our population be healthier, Fun On a Bike is my contribution. 


Ken said...

Awesome! It is amazing how many bikes are sitting in garages alone and unwanted. I wish I knew what the secret is to get them some exercise. Mostly it's getting people to use them and keeping them from getting discouraged after the first 10 miles.

I think the fact that you are there, recently rode across the USA and have a birth certificate with a similar date to mine speaks volumes. Leadership by example. HOOYAH! People need to see that it a lifetime sport that is more about fun than exercise.

Sharon said...

Couldn't agree more. I am really excited to find a "group" of folks in my age group and younger, that are ready, willing and able to get out and enjoy life. I would like to know when, where and what time Fun on a Bike group meets. It has been years since I have been on a bike but always loved it.

Thanks Judi for sharing your experiences and encouragement.

Judi said...

We will be at Neathery Skateboard Park at 5:30, Thursday, July 11. I would be SO excited to see you there.

Hopefully, my truck will start - look for a red antique pickup truck. If not, a red Caravan.

Anonymous said...

My favorite vehicle is my red and white antique truck.. this is getting better all the time.

I will bring a couple of friends and see you then.

Thanks for the info. Sharon