Friday, August 22, 2014

The Dog Days

It's hot here.  Too hot.

And again, I am spending my summer in physical therapy.  Earlier this year I sprained my butt.  The actual diagnosis is Piriformis Syndrome, but sprained butt pretty much describes how it feels.

It also appears that this issue has been 23 years in the making.  My problems now, as they were last year, all seem to be related to a head-on collision I was in back then.  Except for a broken wrist everything was soft tissue injury.  And let me tell you, in that sort of collision you can injure a LOT of soft tissue and those injuries can cast long shadows.  I was wearing lap and shoulder belts, but this was before airbags and I wrapped around that seat belt with my left side the least restrained.  

The good news is that cycling does not hurt when I do it and does not seem to have any after-effects either. So while I do all the stuff to get things back where they need to be, I could be riding my bike.  But it's tooooooo HOT!!

Color me grumpy.

The Atlantic Coast Tour is now less than a year away and I really want to be ready for it, so this fall will see me trying to get in as many miles as possible in before it snows

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