Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Down to the wire

Yesterday was a 77 mile day and had a lot of nice highlights.  The roads were flanked by fields and fields of beautiful pink, red, magenta, yellow and white flowers (pictures when I get to my computer) that were just breathtaking.  It was cool for the morning and that made things nice, though as it warmed up the bugs got more active. Most of the ride looked a lot like Missouri, but flat.

I had some Dolly moments, stopping to take pictures and read roadside markers and a few "this is your brain on Benadryl" moments too.  In the afternoon, we met up with Kieth again and it was nice to ride with him for a while.

It was also Wendy's birthday, so she got the birthday dinner she wanted (hot dogs with all the fixin's) and of course cake for desert.

I think we are all very concious that our little bubble is about to burst and spray us all back to the various places we came from.  Reentry will be interesting.

Today started out cloudy and stayed that way, with occasional spatters of rain - at least the cooler temps kept the bugs down.  Nothing remarkable about this ride, lots of miles, lots of trucks, lots of debris on the shoulders (when we had shoulders).  Very few turns and/or road changes though, so the cue sheet was short - not much to remember.  I have developed quite the taste for McDonalds wild berry smoothies - will have to try copying the recipe at home.

Tomorrow is our very last day.  We will ride to the fire station, get a police escort to the beach, have a picnic and dip our tires.  Later that night will be the banquet and then we disperse.  Not quite sure how to feel about that right now, but I will update when I get home.

Thanks to all of you for reading the blog, commenting and offering me your support and encouragement.


Ken said...

Way to go!!! I can't wait until it is my turn to do some tire dipping.

Lisa S_CT said...

I'm going to miss your updates as you wander across the country.