Tuesday, May 7, 2013


This is my fourth day back at home and I still feel a little unsettled.  After two months in a bubble, my old life doesn't seem to quite fit me now.  The question seems to be whether the life changed or I did.

I am picking up old routines and not quite sure that I really want to go back to them, yet the routines of the road weren't complete either.  So.  I go about dealing with the mountain of mail and magazines, the clothes and suitcases that need to be put away, finding the things that aren't where I left them, and trying to figure out exactly what I want to change about my life.

This two month experience was pretty all consuming in spite of maintaining contact with the world at home.  Stuff happened in both places but one didn't necessarily affect the other.  As far as the cycling went, I became a better, stronger rider and I'd like to think I also became a better, stronger person.  How that manifests now that I am home remains to be seen. 

I do know that I want to do more and be more and engage outside myself more - I want to get off my duff and participate more in my community, being a biking advocate will become part of that.  I want to work harder at being the strongest, healthiest person I can be.  I want what I have done to matter, both to me and to others.

I will encourage everyone I meet to do SOMETHING BIG.  To take risks, to be bold, to stretch their limits - it doesn't have to be cycling, there are lots of ways of stepping outside yourself and seeing things in a different light.  DO it.


CAT said...

Proud of you for completing the journey you started. You finding out more about your inner self.

That said, I am jealous, although, I have been trying to get more exercise. Possibly riding my bike over my lunch time while at work. Biking seems to be less wear and tear on my knees than walking.
I still have a couple 2 or 3 hundred bales of hay that will need to be stacked every time it gets cut. Hopefully I will have hay to stack this year!

Yarn Studio said...

Cool, I like that. Think I'll move to Fairbanks, AK!