Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No turning back

Not that I want to turn back, but as I write, my bike is being packed up for shipment to California.  That brings a certain sense of inevitablity to the venture.  

 I am pretty much past all the apprehension of the past month or two, now it is mostly excitement and eager anticipation. And I am more than ready to be out of the cold weather we have been having lately.

Now that the bike is taken care of, I can move onto the packing.  It's not so much of a "what to take/not take" thing as it is a "what needs to go in checked baggage and what needs to stay with me on the plane?"  Some things will go in  one bag for the flight and into a different bag for the tour.  The weight limit is not a problem, I've never been a heavy packer, nothing goes unless it can serve multiple purposes and/or will be worn multiple times.  The routines on this trip will be different from anything I have ever done before though, so the organizing will be somewhat different too. 

I like to be organized (though it might be hard to tell by looking at my desk or my craft room) so I don't have to think too hard about things.  I like being able to look at my stuff and tell if it's all there, I like to be able to check just a couple of places to make sure I haven't left anything behind.  So now I am fitting a new routine onto an old habit pattern, it's slightly disconcerting, but I am quite sure it will work fine.

I'm ready.  Let's go.


Anonymous said...

you will have an awesome time Judi, I can't wait to get started !! :)
(in Australia)

Ken said...

I am looking forward to the picture of the rear tire in the Pacific Ocean. I almost had a chance to buy you a fish taco in San Diego but my trip got rescheduled.

Janice in GA said...

You're going to have a blast. It'll be challenging, but anything that's worth doing will be challenging!