Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bike, part two

It has taken a while and quite a bit of trial and error, but this is how the bike is configured for this tour.  Because it has a 15" frame it is proportioned more like a touring bike with a long wheelbase relative to its height.  The extra computer is set up for use on the trainer, it isn't going on the tour.  The fenders are Crudcatcher MK2 Roadracers., very light and designed to break away if something gets caught.

The Topeak saddlebag will hold two half liter water bottles (currently contains one) with room for  tire changing kit and extra tube.  It doesn't fit my rails very well, so it's attached with velcro straps through the saddle rails and the seat post.

The main handlebar bag can carry two one liter water bottles (currently carrying one) plus snacks, multi-tool kit, sunscreen, chamois cream and a windbreaker. The small bag with the reflective stripe has a quick release attachment and holds cell phone, camera and billfold - it will be my de facto purse on the tour and means I can take the valuable stuff with me if I ever have to leave the bike unattended.  The mirror is an Ultralight mirror. The "see me" lights are Planet Bike Spoks with velcro attachments.

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