Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Count down is now in the single digits.  This time next week, I will be wrapped around a Margarita in San Diego.  I am so tired of the cold/rain/snow/wind that I have to check in the mirror to see what happened to the winter loving person I used to be.  

The broken tree is trimmed and removed, the fence repairs will happen soon and now we are left trying to figure out what to do with the remains of the carport.  Getting the bent and twisted metal out of the way would be a good start.

Everything else is pretty much taken care of.  The "stuff" is either packed or ready to be packed, the lists are disappearing, very few decisions left to be made. After two years of planning,  I am ready to get this show on the road.  

Ready or not, here I come!


Ken said...

It's 75 outside and the palm trees are swaying. I like it! That's why many of those our age live in places like Florida...or San Diego...or Honolulu. I have had my fill of winter this year. Make sure you get a fish taco to go with that Margarita. Fish tacos are proven to improve your bike handling skills.

Judi said...

Butbutbut, I LOVE winter. Mostly. Or at least I did until it interfered with my cycling.

And I have come to hate cities. I love the things they have to offer, but I guess I'm not willing to deal with the congestion in order to experience them.

Judi said...

PS - I was thinking of you when I read they were dropping poisoned mice on Guam to deal with the snakes. Wear a hat.

Yarn Studio said...

I would love to wrap myself around a margarita too. One of my favorite restaurants is Rockin Baja Lobster Company in Old Town, San Diego. You can get a big bucket of seafood and a delicious margarita to go with it. Mmmmmm! Anyway, it's great fun to think of you dipping your toe in the Pacific and pedaling off on your adventure. Keep safe! I' ll look forward your posts along the way!

Judi said...

I will add that to the list of "places I must go" and hope that there is a chance to get there.