Monday, March 4, 2013

One Foot Out the Door

And the rest of me soon to follow.

All that's left to pack is my Kindle and I am out of here.  The stuff in the black bag is all bike stuff, it's helped me figure out why you want to start out with a light bike - the accessories add weight fast.  

I am in an odd Neverland sort of place right now.  Time has been like an accordian.  First it was two years, then six months, then only six months, then it's suddenly six weeks and the pressure is on.  Then six days......some of which were 98 hours long and others lasted 10minutes, now  I have to keep counting because I can't even remember which day it is today.  We are down to hours now, with not much left to do except straighten up the chaos my packing has left behind.

I have wondered what it would be like to do this again without the element of the unknown that has colored everything this time.  You would know where and when you would be able to resupply, you would have a better idea of what level of energy this is going to take.  You would know what will work back home and what won't.  More than that, you would know whether or not you could even DO it, or want to.  A lot of the anxiety would be gone.

But I guess that's what makes it such an adventure.  I can't even imagine how it would be to set out on your own, planning to camp (or not) along the way.  That's more adventure than I am up for.

Only a few last minute things to do, then I will be out of last minutes and on my way.  


Janice in GA said...

Yeah, you've got ZOMG ALL THE UNKNOWNZ!!!111! right in front of you right now. Keep in mind that you will have a support structure of other cyclists and the tour leaders there, taking care of a lot of the stuff ahead of you. That's loads better than having to do it all yourself, especially on a first trip. :)

Remember that all you have to do is one day. One day, then another day, then another day.

And if they have masseuses, USE THEM. :)

CAT said...

I'm excited for you!! :)
Pedal on.....

Ken said...

All I ask is a picture (or two, or three) per day.

Judi said...

I'll do my best.

susan said...

i cant wait to hear how the first day goes! so excited for you! too bad we didnt get you a superwoman cape to wear!!!