Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apache Junction to Globe, AZ

Today was the day for going over Gonzalez Pass.  After hearing that not only does it involve a very long, very hard climb, but has a tunnel, hairpin turns and no shoulder......I decided it was not for me.  The first 20 miles I probably could have done, but it would have been hard on my shoulder - the second half is well beyond my skill/experience level.  

After arriving at the halfway point, one of the riders discovered a huge hole in her tire (the tube had been replaced on the road) and needed a new tire.  Fine, no problem.  Except that the SAG was still out on the road supporting other riders so we had to get a tire out of the trailer.  Guess what?  The tires are stored behind all the luggage.  So Nancy, Carol and I unpacked all the luggage, got the tire and then reloaded all the bags.  Quite a few people seem to be pushing the 30lb limit pretty hard.  But we got it all in again.

Carol (on top) and Linda fastening down the bikes

Lunch  on the porch at the Buckboard Cafe - good friends, cool breezes
 Many people decided not to do the second half but there are only so many carriers on the roof of the van and seats inside, so some of us had to wait at the Buckboard Cafe for the van to go over the pass, unload, then come back to get us. Nice place, we sat on the porch, ate lunch, enjoyed the view and the cool breezes.

Riding over the pass in the van reassured me that I had made the right decision.  I would not have enjoyed even driving on that road, cycling would have been terrifying.  I didn't get this old by doing stupid stuff and this would have been a truly stupid thing to try at my skill level. 

So now we are in Globe for the night and going out to a Mexican restaurant for supper. More adventures await tomorrow.

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Colleen said...

I just mentioned this to my son, who rode east to west, Georgia to Santa Monica, last summer. He said, "those are the fun days! And by that, I mean TERRIFYING!". He says that he took the lane at 35 mph, going downhill, and refused to move over, to let a car pass, as the shoulder was full of potholes and unsafe. He says "be aware of what is around you and don't stop!". Teenagers! I'm glad I didn't know he was doing this ahead of time!