Thursday, March 7, 2013

Twas the night before take off...........

Not sure about mice and sugar plums, but there is a strong sense of something magical about to begin.
The day was filled with bike retrieval and fitting out, briefings and schedules.  The evening banquet was lovely - lots of lively chatter, sharing of experiences, dreams and apprehensions.  The group is coming together well, lots of support and encouragement for each other, lots of admiration for each others accomplishments and ambitions.

The weather report is rather discouraging, with talk of heavy rain, possible thunderstorms with maybe some hail mixed in, snow at higher elevations (which we will hit on Saturday).  The good news is that there is also supposed to be a strong west wind.  Tail winds are good.

With great anticipation we wait to see what things are like in the morning, knowing that whatever they are like, whatever happens, we will get through it together and come what may, we will be in Alpine tomorrow afternoon.

Hoping for good dreams and good weather.


Barbara Baume said...

Just found your blog via Casual Cyclists on Ravelry. Count me among the many people who are riding with you in spirit :-)

Janice in GA said...

I've been thinking about you for the past two days! I hope the weather is better than predicted.

OTOH, odds are you'll have crap weather at SOME point. You can handle it. Just be careful. Especially with thunderstorms!

Chris said...

Hope everthing goes well for you today. If it rains, at least you have fenders.

susan said...

thinking of you today!!!!