Sunday, March 17, 2013


This  is a picture of Keith a very charming Englishman from Yorkshire.  His trip is paralleling ours but he is self-supported.  He also went over Gonzalez Pass today, but rigged out like this.


Colleen said...

That is what my son looks like, with his gear...only scary skinny! He even has the same, ortlieb panniers and front bag, same as Keith does! You gotta love real water proof bags, like these!)

Anonymous said...

I didn't cycle up this pass either in 2011. There were only three of us who rode the van that year, and one wished she had cycled when she saw what it looked like. I, however, felt thankful that I had made the decision I did. This is a trip for creating fond memories. Enjoy and I hope your shoulder gets better.


tombetz said...

Judi- FYI: I'm going off the grid (down the Amazon in Ecuador). I'll be checking that jungle wi-fi in order to follow your exploits. Keep on crankin'! Back next Month.