Saturday, March 23, 2013

Emory Pass

Started out of Silver City with a climb right out of the hotel driveway.  I did nine miles of steep rollers without too much trouble, but the last 100 ft of altitude gain (not climb), my chest got tight and I was having trouble moving air in and out of my lungs.  I had already used my rescue inhaler once, so at the first SAG stop I opted to go over in the van - I didn't think another 2,000 ft of altitude would make things any better.

The road after that was a more gradual climb and I think had it been at lower altitude (like where we were in CA) I could have done it.  If I had had my own personal SAG, I would have kept going for a while to see how it went.  But on a tour like this, you have to think about the other riders and the SAG/van drivers.  You want to make things as easy and efficient for them as possible.  The van and trailer can't just pull over anywhere, and even the SAG needs some room so people can get the bikes on the roof.
The trip over was beautiful and I did get some pictures from the overlook at the peak - as soon as my tablet is back in business, I will post them.

We stayed at a delightful B&B in Kingston, NM.  It is an old stone building with a large common room downstairs and a room with tables, chairs, a pool table, lots of books and table games.  Upstairs there is another large common room with couches, chairs, reading lamps a  TV with loads of videos, another fireplace, another piano and more tables for games, etc.  The bedrooms are tucked away in little corners and decorated in shabby-chic, comfort oriented styles.  Some have balconies, none have private bathrooms.  Our group occupied the entire place and spilled over to the annex across the street.  A hot tub, a masseur and the most wonderful wind chime I have ever heard completed the picture.

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