Thursday, March 14, 2013

13 March - Blythe, CA to Salome, AZ

Cruising down a good shoulder at 18-20 mph is the BEST. THING. EVER!

We rode along I-10 most of the day, then off onto US60.  My shoulder started bothering me, but I got a side-of-the-road, under-the-underpass consultation, stretching and mini-massage from Carla.  Carla is one of the riders and at home in Brazil, she is a physical therapist.  That got me another 30 miles.  Carla was my angel today.

I did SAG for the last 8 miles and wrestling the bikes on and off the roof of the Subaru is hot, dirty, frustrating work.  In the process someone knocked my chain off and somehow manage to break/lose/whatever one of the springs on the front skewer.  Carol the magical mechanic soon put it to rights but it was a two margarita day.

The desert is beautiful but the weather is unseasonably hot, so the days are getting physically stressful, unrelated to the distances.  But this is an amazing group of women and everyone is helping everyone else.  If nothing else, meeting these wonderful people was worth the trip.

Nancy and I ride together well and we take turns taking care of each other.  She even volunteered to have Carla teach her what to do, so she can help me keep my shoulder stretched as we take breaks from riding.  This is from an old injury that I haven't had trouble with for many years.  The only thing different on this trip from my usual riding is miles and miles of 1-3% grades (for West Plainsianites, it is like the John Deere hill times 5 miles).

Tomorrow I am going to bump the whole day so I have time to spend at the bike shop in Phoenix.  I somehow left my sunsleeves at home and I want to see if they have any ideas about adjusting/changing my handlebars to help my shoulder.

Still having fun.

Cute guy of the day - AZ State Trooper that escorted Nancy and me around his car and the truck he had stopped.

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