Saturday, March 23, 2013

Silver City, NM - rest day

A lovely day in Silver City - order of the day was to get Nancy and Emily on their way back to Boston.

After they were safely on their way, I walked down to the old downtown of Silver city and poked around.  Lots of small businesses, restaurants and artisan's studios are there now.  I stopped in the yarn shop thinking that I might switch from spinning to knitting socks (my hands are really dry and snag the silk fiber) but they didn't have any size 0 circular needles.  I did have some lovely raspberry gelato, then Donna and I took the bus back to the hotel.  A quiet evening, with supper either ordered in or taken out from the Mexican restaurant up the hill.  

Tomorrow we cross Emory Pass.  Not exactly sure how that will go as wind is predicted, but I am certainly going to try.  Now that I can get into all of my gears (instead of just the top ones) it should be easier to climb.  If I ever ship my bike again I will make sure that the derailleur hanger is checked before I start to ride.

Pictures below from various places in "downtown" Silver City.

No wi-fi tomorrow night and possibly not Saturday.  Back in business Sunday evening.

addendum - without my tablet and using hotel computers so no pictures until I am back in business - my charger evidently decided to jump ship in Safford, AZ.

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