Friday, March 15, 2013

Wickenburg to Phoenix

No miles today, I rode in the van to Phoenix, stopped at a couple of bike shops to replace the sun sleeves that are sitting on the bed at home.  I think I walked about 5 miles though, so I got in some weight-bearing exercise.  I am doing my stretches and plan to ride tomorrow, it's a shorter day of only 50 miles or so and the temps are supposed to be lower.


Addendum:  Tonight's dinner was salmon with a caper basil aioli sauce, tossed salad, buttered finger potatoes and carrot cake for desert.  From a 6'x6', two burner galley - for 32 people.


Janice in GA said...

Take it easy tomorrow. And keep enjoying that good food. :)

tombetz said...

You're retired. Your life is on "your schedule".

Yarn Studio said...

Dinner sounds great! Hope you have a great ride tomorrow. Am loving seeing the pictures in your blog.

Anne in Oakland said...

Hope your shoulder is better today, Judi, and you are back on the bike for a few miles at least.

You know, you have many hundreds of miles still ahead, bumping up a few of them is not that big a deal.

sounds like your are riding with some very nice people, and a great cook! enjoy.