Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rest day

It has been a much needed rest day for everyone.  We spent the day cleaning bikes, eating leisurely meals, hanging out at the pool, reorganizing our baggage and other sundry chores. This is an amazing group of women.

I even managed to pick up another cute guy.  His name is Keith, he is from Yorkshire, England and he is cycling pretty much the same route we are.  I'm not sure whether he has adopted us or we have adopted him but it's been fun to interact with him as we travel along. Since he is also a mechanical engineer he had a look at my bike today.

And a picture or two - I hate to admit that I missed some good ones yesterday because I forgot to charge the camera battery.

First SAG between Boulevard and Brawley

 The beginning of the clown car episode - how many cyclists does it take to change a tire?  Actually the tire got changed in short order, but then we couldn't get the wheel back on the bike.  Not my bike and not me in the picture.  Marilyn, Flo and Nancy

Dog Beach, San Diego.  But the dogs had sense enough to come in out of the rain.


Anonymous said...

Did you get your derailleur hanger aligned?

susan said...

not sure how lew is going to like all the cute guys you are picking up!

tombetz said...

"Expect problems and eat them for breakfast"
Alfred A. Montapert