Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ready to roll.

The tour is now officially underway.  

We've had our orientations, we've had our send off banquet, we've gotten our safety triangles and our compimentary water bottles.  We have gotten to know the guides/chefs we have had a chance to spend time with out 34 new best buddies and we have had solemn discussions regarding weather and traffic.

There are so many women that have been on previous tours together that there have been many happy reunions and the folks that are new to this have lots of support and lots of friendly hands to welcome them and show them the ropes.

However each tour is unique and now what we see is how all the people and circumstances combine to shape this one.  Again I am reminded of something I learned two years ago - there are 34 women here and each is on her own tour.  

We are united in our excitement and our love of cycling but each of us brings something different to the equation and each of us will take something different away.  We each have our own approach to this shared journey and we will each experience it in our own way. The one sure thing is that we will all grow and we will all learn.


Janice in GA said...

Have a safe and uneventful* trip! Will you come near Atlanta?

*uneventful = no bad things happening

Judi said...

I'll check the map tomorrow and let you know, we do go inland, but not sure how far.

tombetz said...

Of course- It's not the destination, it's the journey. Enjoy your Sisterhood. Live for today.