Monday, April 27, 2015

Rest day in St. Augustine

And what a difference a couple of years makes!  Last time we were here the place was underwater because it rained 10 inches in about 18 hours.

Today was warm and overcast - not too hot.  I was able to get an appointment for a massage for my shoulders/neck.  Janelle is a woman with magic hands.  Previous massages have left me kind of "meh" but this woman was able to find every sore/tense spot and make it release and relax.  We'll see the ultimate outcome tomorrow if I can keep my shoulder where it belongs instead of up under my left ear.

After that I wandered around, bought the perfect purse,  visited with the lady in the stamp shop, enjoyed a trip  through the antique store , people watched in the old square and took a few pictures.

There's something about the first  rest stop that sort of marks the spot between getting ready to tour and settling into the routine of it.  It's also the point where I finally figure out how I need my bags arranged in order to live out of them for the next six weeks.

I've had great roommates thus far and expect that to continue.  Rotating roommates is one of the best parts of these tours - you get to spend one on one time with some very nice people on the tour and if there are some you don't mesh very well with, you don't have to share with them very often.

Assorted pictures of things I enjoyed looking at.
Yellow fever cemetery
for non-Catholics

Gate to early settlement

some variety of chamomile?

Not always sunny in Florida - minutes
after our latest innundation

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