Monday, January 14, 2013


That pretty well describes my relationship with the trainer.

I love that it lets me ride my bike when the weather isn't cooperative.  I love that it lets me maintain my fitness level without having to leave my house.  I love that I can watch movies while I ride.  I loved being able to rearrange and adjust my bike fittings just the way I wanted/needed them. is still riding to nowhere.  It still is, literally, a pain in the butt.  It still means that I'm not actually moving.

Until I got the trainer, I really didn't understand what it was that really addicted me to cycling.  Now I know.  I love the exercise and the companionship and the getting fitter as I age, but what really gets me is the going somewhere.  Having a destination, reaching it, and returning home safely under my own power. 

 That's what's missing on the trainer, and that's what I crave.  This bike tour will give me that in spades and the trainer will help me be ready for it.  Love/hate -  two sides of the same coin

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