Monday, January 7, 2013

Sixty days.......

....and counting.  Time seems to be going so fast and yet, I seem to be no closer to being "ready".  I am realizing that there are few, or at least fewer, gains to be made in strength, fitness, endurance.  Where I am now is probably fairly close to where I will be in 60 days. The main goal now is to not lose anything.

I will continue to ride as much as I can on the trainer and, hopefully, outside.  I will continue to do some upper body work.  I will not obsess, I will not drive myself to the point that it isn't FUN anymore. 

My lists grow more detailed and the shape of my travels clearer.  More and more, I can picture myself leaving home and traveling to San Diego - everything after that is still a hazy dream.  Right now I am not even trying to think beyond the first few days of riding, those days I know I can do.  Everything after that will be a new challenge.  New hills, new distances, new weather. 

I have faced and met big challenges in the past and for each and every one of them I had doubts and concerns.  Right now I would be worried if I wasn't worried.  Mild to moderate anxiety produces the best performances, I am trying to keep that in mind.

Forward, always forward.

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