Sunday, May 24, 2015

Catching up

My phone, tablet, mi-fi and bike computer have been taking turns acting up on me so my posts have gotten a bit behind. But I am still here and still enjoying the tour.

The ride from Richmond to Fredericksburg was a nice one on mostly rural roads.  It was cool and overcast most of the morning, then got beastly hot and humid.  The small town of Ashland was quite lovely, with many public sculptures and flower gardens. The gentleman at the visitor's center was very friendly and gracious and told us a bit about the town and the trains that run through it.

A short time later we were seeing the beginnings of Virginia horse country - the natives were quite curious about us and possibly whether or not we had treats to share.

I found this ivy covered barn and sios quite charming.

We spent our rest day in Alexandria, VA.  I wandered the old town area in the rain and had a great time visiting small shops, people/dog watching and dodging puddles and drips.  The next day took us through Washington, DC via several interlocking bike paths.  Quite cool and bright, though negotiating the many twists, turns and street crossings was a challenge. What a treat though, to be able to get close enough to see things without getting run over by cars.  Virginia drivers unfailingly gave us the right of way to cross, though I am sure it slows them down. The bike commuters are very fast and know every inch of their paths, they weren'the always gracious, but they did make allowances for strangers on their "turf".  I'd like to come back and spend more tourist time here.

Next stop Maryland.

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