Sunday, May 31, 2015

Riding in the van

No one goes on a bike tour planning to do many miles in the van instead of on a bike...but stuff happens.

When I signed up for this tour it was going to be all about the bike.  Riding better, farther, stronger. Learning new skills. Seeing all there was to see at people speed and some of it where motor vehicles can't go or aren't allowed.

That changed.  Now it is about putting together a new life for myself and adjusting to a new reality.  Because my reaction times are slower, my depth perception/judgement are altered, my thoughts somewhat scattered and my short term memory deficient I can't do all that I had planned or wanted to do.

I have a finite amount of energy to cover physical, mental and emotional needs and when it is depleted I find it hard to function in any area, much less all of them. So I ride partial days, I choose the easier rides and I spend time in the van trying to conserve energy and organize my thoughts and feelings.

And ya know what? It's not a bad thing at all.  It pulls me back to a less intense interaction with the world we are moving through and at the same time lets me realize how much is going on largely unseen and unnoticed. I get the meta-picture as we drive and hear about the micro level as we share supper in the parking lots.

 Riders have seen bears on roads just a few miles from the highways, there are calm, green oases hidden in our nation's capital, there are people in small towns and rural areas that have incredible stories to tell - you don't see that from the highway, but once you know it's there you see the highway differently.  Charles Kuralt explored that idea in his TV show.  Some days I think I'm getting the best of both worlds.

And then there's tomorrow.  One hundred percent chance of rain, hills and bad roads - I'm going in the van with the sane people.

Random photos, some from the bike, some from the van, some from just walking around.

Crossing the Hudson River

Delaware River

Don't ever forget to stop and smell the roses

ps - Betsy and Barb, thank you so much for the delicious cookies!


Anne from Oakland said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! I am jealous of your time on the road, be it on the bike or in the van. You are getting to see so much!

tombetz said...

It's YOUR vacation to do as you please. It's not about the trappings. Taking the road less travelled and stopping to smell the Roses is full of win. Live in the moment.