Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tropical storm Ana

I was really looking forward to today's ride - 38 miles on good roads and headed back to the beach. We'd been watching the storm take shape yesterday and the weather reports when we got up this morning were rather ominous and still pretty unclear about speed and direction of the storm and its winds.

About thirteen riders decided to take their chances and started off in the rain.  The rest of us opted for the van.  Fully loaded, the van can take 14 bikes and 12 passengers - not quite all of us would fit.  Twelve bikes on the roof, ten passengers in  the van and we took off for the first shuttle - thank goodness it was a short day.

We passed the determined, but wet, riders and they all seemed to be doing fine. As we went on, the sky cleared then clouded back up several times, winds were pretty constant at about 15mph with higher gusts.

When we got to the ferry to cross the Cape Fear river, everyone breathed a sigh of relief that it was indeed running, but only if the captain decided it was safe - so definitely not a sure thing and the alternate route is much longer.  And so WE GOT TO RIDE THE FERRY!!!!!!!

crossing paths with inbound ferry

One of my favorite parts of these trips is when we get to act like 8 year olds. Last week it was standing on an overpass and getting the truck drivers to honk their horns for us ( and they DID!), today it was the ferry. That river is WIDE, it took 30 minutes to cross.  The wind was stiff and the water was choppy, my glasses almost blew off.  The gulls were working hard to just stay in one place in hopes that a passenger might drop some food.


Tonight we are staying in a quaint beach town motel that probably hasn't changed much since the fifties.  The rooms are clean and comfortable but there are no quaint elevators and some folks are having to carry their bikes to the third floor.

We are currently experiencing a sideways downpour and won't make any decisions about riding until morning.  If we do ride , we may have one heck of a tailwind.


Ken USN, ret said...

You should have joined the Navy.

Judi said...

Ummmmm, no. Half an hour is about enough for me.