Thursday, May 7, 2015

Georgetown, South Carolina

Yesterday's ride was quite strenuous, with the worst pavement and the heaviest traffic we have experienced so far.  I did 61.2 miles of it and it took every bit of resolve I had.  Thanks to Nancy H for leading me through the morning and to Nancy I and Dolly for shepherding me through the fatigue of the afternoon. The companionship of friends and the lovely rural scenery made it all worthwhile.

I road in the van today because we were headed for the picturesque Georgetown SC, and I wanted to  have plenty of time to explore.  It was time well spent - walked along the Harborwalk, a nice wooden walkway along the river with Tina. We had lunch with guides Patty and Emilie at a sidewalk cafe and then spent some time just strolling through town.  Some great southern architecture and lovely homes, reminded me of the neighborhood we lived in in Columbus, GA. I even found a yarn shop!

Weather is going to be threatening for the next few days and I'm not sure whether I will be riding or not - might have to pick and choose.  We will soon reach North Carolina and we've been told that the roads and traffic will be improving.  It is amazing how much more bike friendly some states are. Might have to get involved in some bike advocacy issues when I get home.

Update - have had some Internet troubles but they seem to be fixed now. Today's ride was on the same terrible roads with the same heavy traffic but with the addition of rain and a pretty large error on the cue sheet.  I was SOOO glad I had decided to ride in the van.  I won't be riding again until we get into NORTH Carolina, which will be about 2/3 of the way through tomorrow's ride.

More pretty, South Carolina isn't all bad, just the roads.


Ken said...

Congrats on your metric century! That's a great distance and shows you are getting stronger. I am envious of your tour. Seeing the country at the speed of bike is the way to travel.

Judi said...

You just have to perfect the retirement thing a little faster.