Sunday, May 31, 2015

My perfect day......

.....let me tell you about it.  

I bumped out a bit and started my day at the beginning of the NCRR rail trail.

And it just got better from there.  Lovely mixed use trail with a mostly good surface. Enough variety to be interesting, enough shade to stay cool.

Interesting sculpture

Some nice houses

More sculpture

At the midpoint of the trail we crossed into Pennsylvania and the trail changed names and nature.  The small town of New Freedom has centered it's economy around the trail and it's users.  There is a well-stocked bike shop whose owner graciously invited us to use her premises as a SAG stop, offered us free access to her bathroom (running water and flush toilets are scarce on many trails) and gave us a 25% discount on merchandise (I'm pretty sure she did well on the deal).  Her husband did some minor repairs and adjustments for a few riders and we enjoyed visiting with them.

The old railway station has been converted to a sandwich shop and a museum and there is a replica engine that goes up and down a short stretch of track.  It was rather interesting to ride on an old rail bed alongside an active track.

We met a woman who had placed these flags along the path for memorial day, they went on for at least half a mile. She does this every year.

Tumbling water sounded so nice and perfectly complemented the fresh smells of the flowers and greenery.

I love dedicated bike paths, so nice not having to deal with cars and trucks, so quiet and peaceful.  Someone complained that you can'take ride very fast on them.  Why would you want to?

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