Saturday, May 2, 2015

Wonderful day!

From Glennville, GA to Statesboro, GA is 47 miles of the most wonderful cycling! The weather was perfect, the roads were mostly wonderfully smooth, the terrain and the sights very engaging.  We passed lovely farmhouses, saw folks picking Vidalia onions, fat, happy cattle, picturesque country churches and fertile farmland surrounded by dense hardwood forests.

And I didn't get a single picture because with all my internet connection issues the past few days I completely forgot to charge my phone.  But the pictures in my head are lovely, I promise.

The best part of the ride was that my brain stuck with me the entire ride, a nice change.  Thanks to my friends I didn't have to worry about the cue sheets, or which way to turn, or if it was time to take a break. Thanks to GA roads I didn't have to worry too much about rumble strips or potholes. Thanks to the beautiful weather I didn't have to use my sparse energy fighting headwinds or broiling heat.

But I am more than tired and trying to figure out what's making my left hand/thumb numb so I will settle for one pretty perfect day and ride in the van tomorrow.

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