Monday, May 11, 2015

More TS Ana

Lots of wind and rain during the night but morning dawned looking a little better with little peeks of blue amidst the clouds.

For about 2 1/2 nano-seconds I thought about how much fun the first 20 miles would be with that 15-20 mph tailwind, then I remembered the radar projections of heavy rain headed directly toward our projected path and held to my plan of riding in the van.

Good choice, the rest of the day looked like this, but wetter

And with many sets of railroad tracks.

Our destination was Surf City, North Carolina, a small (very) community of mostly summer homes and rentals, with not much to do - which would ordinarily make this a great spot for a rest day. After all, we all have legs and ,in a pinch, could ride bicycles, right?  Except that it looked like this

Hard to see the force of the wind in these pictures, but not hard to guess why all the buildings are up on stilts. No wonder the dunes are protected by law.  It wasn't really cold, but the wind and the damp led us to shelter under our hotel's stilts for supper.

By this morning the storm had moved north and weakened, so the skies were clearer and the wind diminished to a brisk breeze. Tomorrow looks to be good riding weather with sunshine AND a tailwind.


tombetz said...

"Ana" dealt you a bad hand. Regardless, I hope you're as happy as a clam? Go make some memories.

Judi said...

Enjoying the trip very much even though ( maybe because?) I'must not riding all that much. Plan to eat seafood at every opportunity.