Monday, May 4, 2015

Lovely rest day

We are now in Point South, South Carolina.  This is the South Carolina "low country".  A lovely rural location (close to the freeway) with not a lot to do - though there is a Sabatier knife outlet and a plantation museum/visitor center/gift shop. And we DO have bikes, if we really wanted to go farther afield.

A rest day doesn't exactly mean "do nothing" - it's a chance to wash clothes (in a real washing machine instead of the sink), clean bikes, rearrange suitcases, catch up with news and share pictures and stories.  And this morning, it meant sitting at a real table and having someone bring me coffee in a real cup and a hot breakfast on a real plate. The meals our chef cooks are delicious but eating in the parking lot loses it's charm rather quickly.

Tomorrow we will be headed back toward the coast and hopefully some more riding along the ocean as we head north in North Carolina.

Link to best blog post of the day - or  maybe EVER


Emilie Marks said...

Hi Judi-

Love your posts, and especially the great picture of you and your biking buddies. Hope you are well rested and ready for another long ride.

Cheers, Emilie

Judi said...

Thanks Em. Did 61.2 miles today over some of the worst pavement and heaviest traffic we have seen so far. Pretty much everything in my body hurts - van tomorrow.