Friday, April 19, 2013

Again? What IS it with the weather?

The cold front that blew through last night dropped the temperature about 30 degrees.  It wasn't terrible when we left this morning, but we did need extra layers.  The problem is that the front isn't moving much faster than we are, so it never warmed up.

I got chilled watching/"helping"/kibitzing while Cher changed her tire this morning and never could get warmed up after that.  Cher, Nancy and I had a lovely lunch (shrimp gumbo for me) at a small restaurant in downtown Poplarville, MS.  It was really good, but as much as it warmed my insides, it didn't do anything for the temperatures outside.  When the ride stopped being fun, I decided to SAG the rest of the way.

The scenery was much like yesterday's, but with not as nice roads and more dogs.  The funniest of the dog encounters ( some riders had scary times, we did not) was when a tiny chihuahua started chasing us down the road.  When were past his property, he trotted back to the house with a smug "I guess I showed them who's boss around here" attitude.  He might have weighed all of 4 pounds.

Later, we encountered a wagon pulled by two mules, as soon as I get a picture, I will post it.

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susan said...

lol! did u get a pic of the dog? cant wait to see the pics of the mules and wagon.
Enjoy every moment, it will be over before you know it!!!