Friday, April 26, 2013

Looks a lot like Missouri

Morning dawns on WomanTours

Today's ride was 54 miles and the Florida panhandle scenery looked a lot like Missouri, quite green and even hilly.  The hills are not quite like the ones where I live though, these are long slow ups, followed by brief downhills followed by long flat stretches - no way to gain much momentum (my knees hate me).

The cue sheet read "hard left then hard right".  The cue sheet should have read "hairpin left followed by sharp uphill with no shoulders and oncoming traffic doing their own hard left from a point where they can't see you. Shift down before turning left or risk a 'get off or fall off' moment."  Once you negotiate the hill the hard right is no problem.  It's the little things that make these rides exciting.

Contented cows eating breakfast

Not apple, not peach, but pretty to look at while I ate my Fig Newtons

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