Friday, April 5, 2013

Good news

I saw the therapeutic optometrist today and after extensive exam and testing, his conclusion is the same as mine.  An unfortunate (really?) conjunction of several random factors that led to an untenable situation.  Hopefully not to be repeated.

I am greatly relieved that there is no major problem with my eye, and also somewhat reassured that the problem wasn't the result of anything I did (or didn't) do.  Back on the bike tomorrow, headed for Blanco, TX.

Kerrville is a nice town with friendly people (two offered me rides as I waited for the hotel shuttle), the Y.O Ranch Resort is a very nice hotel with a gargantuan stone lobby area and a very nice restaurant. We've gone rather feral on this ride and have had to remind a couple of people that the bathrooms are on the INSIDE here, not behind the bushes.

There will be more chipseal, but there will NOT be any more mountains.  I should be able to handle most, if not all of the riding from here on in and will get three more chances to do my first Century.

Thanks to all that expressed concern and caring, it means the world to me and helped avoid the "poor me" pity party that was threatening to develop.


Janice in GA said...

I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious! Here's to more good riding in the very near future!

Anne from Oakland said...

Adding my relief too.

Make the trip your own, Judi, with as much riding as feels right each day. Don't worry about what you thought you were going to do, just enjoy what you are doing.

(And remember, you will have opportunities to ride a century for years to come--you do not have to do it in the coming month.)