Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still in Texas

My decision to van it today was justified (as if it needed to be) when I saw the roads we were to ride on.  No shoulders, and since we are skirting the very southern fringe edges of the Austin suburbs, the traffic was fairly heavy.  Road surface continues to be poor too - with areas today where they had scraped the roadbed with the intent of resurfacing.  The guides tell us it was exactly like that when they came through here TWO YEARS ago.

I am no longer the slightest bit concerned about miles.  I see absolutely no point in putting myself in danger for some illogical notion of "doing the tour".  There is nothing magical about being on a tour that makes you immune to the hazards of biking, so if the conditions are such that I would declare it "too dangerous" for me to do at home I am certainly not going to attempt them here.

I am still  having fun being with this fantastic group of women - it's fun to see groups forming and rearranging and dissolving and starting over again.  People agree, disagree and agree to disagree.  Sort of like a family......if your family consists of 30 high powered, self-actuated women with minds of their own.

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