Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good bye to chipseal.......

We left Texas this morning, and sure enough, as we crossed the state line, the chipseal disappeared.  To be replaced with some of the worst road surface we have encountered so far.  In the first 4 miles or so, we crossed 5 or 6 bridges either under repair or in dire need of it.  I was starting to miss the chipseal by the time we turned onto a better road.

The weather is warmer now, the creeks and rivers are really full and there is a lot of standing water - can't say we saw any of that anywhere else on the trip.  And because it is warmer, there is more roadkill - and it smells stronger.  So far (today) we have seen a nutria, a possum or two, multiple snakes, some animal with shiny black fur, a turtle and assorted no longer identifiable wildlife.  Can't say that I really want to see any of them in a living state, though they might smell better that way.  And dogs.  Some fenced, a lot running loose  - most of them seeming to think that cyclists would make a nice appetizer.

Except for the bridges, everything is pretty flat, we have been below sea level quite a bit of the day.  We continue with the adventures of shoulderless roads and the mostly nice drivers that we share them with.  One of our riders toppled off her bike and into a ditch - evidently not hurt (she didn't go all the way into the water), she wanted someone to take a picture before they helped her up.

Tomorrow I will be taking the van into Lafayette so I can spend as much time as possible with my grandaughter Ashley.  I am hoping that one or more of her parents will be there too.  As for today, my odometer read 79.7 miles.

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Janice in GA said...

Good mileage day! I feel your pain re shoulderless roads. That's mostly what I ride on around here.