Sunday, April 14, 2013

Family day

Took the van into Lafayette, LA today so I could spend as much time as possible with Granddaughter Ashley.  I had hoped that Michelle (daughter in law) and Amanda (older granddaughter) would also be able to get time away from jobs and other activities to visit with me too.  As an added bonus son Jesse arrived from  a job in Florida just about the time I did, so I got the whole package, along with Amanda's boyfriend Dustin.

We had gumbo at Landry's for lunch, then went to Crawfish Time for a crawfish supper.  We spent the afternoon just hanging out and visiting.  After supper, they came back with me and were introduced to the WomanTours troupe and got a look-see at the van and trailer and some of the arrangements we use on the trip.

I had a great time and need to make it down here more often, these young women are turning out so nicely and I love spending time with them.





Jesse, Judi, Amanda

Judi, Amanda, Ashley, Michele, Dustin, Jesse

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susan said...

I am thrilled you got to see your family!!!! what a great treat to see jesse! i hope he flies to wp soon so we can meet him!