Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kerrville to Blanco

Today had its moments, some of them good, some of them not so.

Coming out of Kerrville it was quite cool and cloudy with threats of rain.  Once we turned off onto a rural road the ride became quite pleasant, smooth surface, very little traffic and lots of interesting things to see and take pictures of.
Guadalupe River - we crossed it several times today

Historic marker for the Armadillo Farm.  At one time the Armadillo  Factory was a thriving business turning out baskets made from Armadillo shells.

Moira (from Scotland) making new friends

I would LOVE to live in this house, those windows are at least six feet tall

Goat ranch

There were a few small businesses and even a winery (converted from an 1850s cotton gin). Then we got off the rural roads and onto a state road.  Hills (8-10% grade), rough chipseal, no shoulders, relatively heavy traffic, considering the hills and curves - including many motorcyclists.  I think there is a law in Texas that mandates that every. single. hill. will have its own special headwind.  Because of the chipseal, you can't even get any momentum on the down hills to help get up the next hill.  If I EVER complain about the roads around West Plains again, you have my permission to slap me up the side of the head and remind me about Texas roads.

Eventually we turned back onto a rural road.  Mostly the surface was better, the road was wider and there was less traffic.  There were more hills, but not nearly as steep. There was one patch of bad pavement that made me glad I was clipped in.  I nearly got bounced off the bike and if my feet had come off the pedals I would have crashed for sure.  In a few places I could pick up some speed and hoped dearly that those shadows were not concealing potholes.   I was tiring, it was hot and Tim (rider Molly's son) came by several times with top ups for my water bottle and the offer of a lift.  I really wanted to do the whole ride ,but I was grateful that he offered.  Eventually I made it to Blanco and when it turned out that the last  mile was on a busy street with no bike lane, I just decided that I was fed up dealing with traffic and walked the rest of the way.

So I got in a lot of weight bearing exercise because my climbing legs abandoned me at about the 45 mile mark, but I did make the whole distance.  My knees are sore, my shoulders are threatening to climb back up under my ears and I have had enough chipseal/no shoulders/heavy traffic.  I am riding in the van tomorrow - no point in making a miserable day for myself since it will be more (much more, 93 miles) of the same.  And because of one very obnoxious motorcyclist today, I am not anxious to spend any more time with them.  "Hey buddy, if I can feel your exhaust, you are WAYYYYYY too close.  

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