Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crossing Florida

As we did in Texas, we are crossing Florida at its widest point.  Today we moved away from the gulf and rode in areas that looked a lot like what we saw in East Texas, Mississippi and Alabama.  Very lush green forests, some with ferns for undergrowth.  Mostly we had either dedicated bike lanes, bike paths or lightly traveled rural roads.  Mostly good pavement too, though we did get a stretch of chipseal - just in case we were missing Texas highways.

The weather and wind gods were with us today too.  It started off with warm sunshine, but just as we were starting to feel the heat, it got overcast and cool with an occasional rain drop.  And wonder of wonders - some actual sustained tail winds.  What a treat!

The I-10 bridge is in the foreground with the big up and over in the middle, we took the US90 bridge, the  flat one in the background (about 3 miles between them)

View from US90 bridge 

View under a small bridge under construction (see the rivet?) taken from the metal grating bridge it is replacing.  An unmarked river somewhere in a Florida panhandle forest.

Me and Barbara Kautz wearing our Army Strong jerseys - no, we didn't coordinate to wear them on the same day.  Barbara was an Army Nurse in Viet Nam


Ken said...

Army strong indeed!! Catching up with your posts sounds it continues to be an awesome tour. Color me envious. All I got to show for the year are frequent flyer miles and a spiffy hardhat to protect me from falling mice.

Judi said...

So where, pray tell, do these mice fall from?

Ken said...