Sunday, April 21, 2013

Margaritaville - or something close to it

We are in Dauphin Island, Alabama - ensconced in three bedroom/three bath condos with views of the gulf from front and back.  Pretty posh.

It was a 44 mile ride from Moss Point, MS (a suburb of Pascagoula).  The weather was perfect for riding, but the mild head wind made me feel like I was going uphill and I had shifted so far down to make it easier on my aching knees that I wasn't making much forward progress so I took the SAG for the last 22 miles.  That meant that I got to take more pictures.

Bridge to Dauphin Island

the approach is long and the bridge is not quite as steep as it looks here

the downside, looking at Dauphin Island

At every state line crossing there are pictures being taken - and pictures of pictures being taken

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