Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wiggins to Moss Point, MS

A beautiful riding day today.  The storm blew through last night and we were greeted this morning with temps in the low 40s but bright sunshine and THIS

See that flag?  See that it isn't moving?  The only other time we have seen that on this trip was when it was pouring rain.  Of COURSE the wind picked up later in the day, but for one, brief, shining moment, there was NO wind, not even a little bit.

Today was much like yesterday.  We rode on wonderful back roads through forests with about 95 shades of green.  Very little traffic and a few roads that were spectacular - nothing quite like gliding down a smooth as silk piece of asphalt at 18mph under your own steam, no hills or tailwinds involved.

When we got into more populated areas we had some chasing dogs, the ones nipping at my heels were there before I saw them so there was no time to get off the bike, I just pedaled like crazy til I outran them.  Toward the end of the day (like at about mile 65 of 74) we crossed some high bridges over the Singing River and the Mississippi and some other river I no longer remember the name of.  The reason I don't remember is because it was in such poor shape that I don't even remember whether there was water under it or not.  The expansion joints had the biggest gaps I have ever seen, I didn't notice that they were also at different heights until I hit the other side - I later found out that four members of our group got pinch flats at that very spot.  

Nancy, Cher and I rode together again today and we had a lot of fun together.  We talked to nice people, we ate good ice cream, we stopped when we wanted to take pictures, we enjoyed each other's company and shared the lovely green lushness of this part of Mississippi.  Tomorrow we head for Dauphin Island, Alabama.


Colleen said...

All the flags here in Massachusetts are at half staff of course. I see they are in Mississippi, too. It's been a stressful week here, just west of Boston. I've been very glad to see your posts and your achievements this week! It is important to have the good things as a contrast!

Judi said...

Most of the motels we have stayed at have been flying their flags at half staff. Lots of other businesses too - everyone feels the loss and the sorrow.