Friday, April 12, 2013

Do I dare use the F word?

This may be tempting fate, but today's ride was F. L. A. T.   There were even occasional tailwinds.  The chipseal was minimal and was the moderately rough variety.  We did occasionally have to deal with logging trucks, but most of the time we had a shoulder and the temperature was in the 70s.  T'was a great riding day.

We are in Silsbee, TX and this is our last night in Texas.  Tomorrow we will be having margaritas in Cajun country - Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Only three weeks left of this tour and there are lots of mixed feelings - getting tired of some aspects of touring (different beds every night, loading/unloading luggage from the trailer, hotel breakfasts, etc.  But there is also a sense of wanting some aspects to go on longer - the camaraderie, the riding, the having no "job" except riding a bike, the discovery every day of another little corner of this great country.  Reentry may be the toughest part of the trip.  If I sit on a plastic chair in the driveway, will Lew bring me my supper?  And a beer?

Yesterday was my "be grumpy and hard to get along with" day.  It started out dark, cloudy and COLD - then it started spitting rain.  I took a bump out to the first SAG, but it was still cold and the wind had been added to the mix.  I decided to just bag it and take the van in, so I could have some alone time.  I walked to Walmart and bought a pair of long pants (obviously I sent mine home too soon) - adding that to the umbrella I bought in Navasota and we should have excellent weather from here on out.

You can always tell where WomanTours is staying - only one hotel has objected to our  hanging out the  laundry on their railings


Yarn Studio said...

I'll bring you a beer and Taco Bell.

Judi said...

sounds good.

Ken said...

Yo-Yo. Dip the front tire in the Atlantic and turn around. You could also turn left and head to New England for a visit.

Anonymous said...

judi- I read your post every day - and am awed at your adventure. Sorry yesterday was nasty weather - hopefully you will have sunny warm days from now on. Also hope the roads improve when you leave Texas.

Judi said...

The thought has crossed my mind - might be able to make it by fall at the rate I ride.